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Plants, Animals, People

Man needs to protect and nurture
 plants, animal and people in that order
to ensure balance and well being on Earth.


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 in Growth of Recourses

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Quality of Life
Relationships with God, Nature, Animals and People
Encouraging Education, Creativity Innovation

Mans Positive or Negative Impact on

In the 1987, when 32,  I decided to hike on foot, a woman alone walking from Mexico to Oregon on the PCT. It was 45 days in nature, 1700 miles.   At the time I was disheartened with local business and my lack of spiritual fortitude.  

 It was a wonderful trip, very different than I'd expected, which dramatically changed my life. I was fortunate to have well planed the trip with food caches mailed ahead along the way.  I experienced being very in tune with nature and animals.  I never wanted for anything and if so, it would show up within a few hours on the trail.

After returning to the city,  when trying to get back to work and settled within society, I found it to be extremely difficult.  I no longer, " fit". There were many years ahead where I no longer did well in business or social settings. Yet all I needed was always provided.

The experience of being connected with nature and the creator never left me and as I grew older, finances became easier, having a beautiful home and acreage.  The spiritual benefits of communing in nature far out weigh any desires for social conformity.  The physical, financial and spiritual benefits I experience surpassed my childhood expectations.

We are all a part of the earth and it's inhabitants of plants,animals, sea life and people.  We underestimate the magnificence what we're capable of, which is realized more fully when communing in nature.  People within society are often fighting over pieces of a small "pie".  Yet when people experience their true nature, unlimited creative energy, life is good, safe, fulfilling and happy.  If we separate ourselves from nature were separating ourselves from a better part of our own natures.

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